Remote Support

  • If you are a current client of Live Consulting, please call (303) 217-3000 to get a tech involved. If you are not a current client, call the number above or send an email to so we can expedite the new client process to get you immediate IT support.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet in order for remote support to be possible.
    • Once you have contact with a Live Consulting tech, Choose PC or MAC, and click the “DOWNLOAD HERE” button below.  Your assigned tech will help you with the next steps.

Windows Support

Download the required software

Download Here

Mac Support

Download the required software

Download Here
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We provide exceptional IT services for small and medium size businesses that have a wide-range of needs.

We are unique in that we take a team approach to your IT problems and we guarantee that we're the most personable, honest and fun IT experts you'll find.

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