Samsung to Release new Galaxy Tablets Sprint Confirms 4G LTE Roll-Out in Denver

Fastest Mobile Network in Denver

PC Magazine ranked AT&T LTE the fastest mobile network in Denver & the rest of the country.  The article noted; in Denver Verizon’s LTE network is more reliable “completing more web page downloads”.  Personally, I have been on Verizon’s Denver network for a few years now and have been extremely satisfied with their service.  Also I have been in some remote locations outside the Denver metro area and received adequate service.

The overall broadband speeds in Denver were still lower than other national cities, due to the thin air… Denver test spots included Mile High Field, The Botanic Gardens and DPAC.  PC Magazine also tested Spring & T-Mobile LTE nationally which are still not available in Denver.  So if you are looking for LTE broadband speeds in the Denver metro area, its between AT&T’s speed or Verizon’s reliability…

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